Front End KewlMetal 8Deg Trees and Tubes.
Bars KewlMetal Pro Bars
Lights Front and Rear KewlMetal LED’s
Fork Guards KewlMetal Fork Flame Fork Guards
Wheels. Chip Foose
Engine Covers KewlMetal 3D Flame Design Engine Covers.
Mini Floor Boards KewlMetal Mini Floor Boards Flame Design
Speedo Bezel KewlMetal Hole Design Bezel Cover fits all stock VTX1800C and F models also.
Swing Arm. Brown County Customs.
Grips KewlMetal
21″ Front Fender KewlMetal
Custom Tank and Paint by KewlMetal
Chrome Fork Lowers done by KewlMetal.
Chrome Controls done by KewlMetal.
All Chroming was done by KewlMetal
Big Joe.

3 Responses to “Honda VTX 1800C custom by KewlKetal”

  1. avatar Artie Toevs Says:

    Big Joe,

    i am interested in your pro bars for a VTX 1800C. i would like to see if we can get about 10-15 more degrees in bend. please send me an e-mail and i will send you my phone number.



  2. avatar Big Joe. Says:

    Just Give us a call at 623-298-7181 and we will get your bars going.
    Big Joe.

  3. avatar Michael Scarpone Says:

    Could you tell me if the lower fork leg extension used on the Honda VTX will work on a 2002 Honda Valkyrie? I was told that the KM-302 was discontinued but I would like to know if the KM-211 or KM-212 will work if available on my Valk.

    Thanks for your time.


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